.efficiently is a completely remote company, with over 1000 amazing team
members working around the globe. We have embraced a way of working
that enables us to work with the very best and collaborate from anywhere.

Things that matter to us


We care. We listen and understand. We treat ourselves, each other, and partners with respect, always.


We lend a hand and go the extra mile. We serve our team, the future of the business, and our clients.


We know the value of learning to grow and recognize knowledge is crucial to doing and being more. So we are constantly driving for knowledge, to learn more.


We say it straight and wholeheartedly. We are honest and hold ourselves to a high standard. We are a team of many, and our actions affect each other.


Lead with kindness always.

Our Team

Our company began with a decision to work differently.

We believe that if you hire the best and give them the freedom they need to do their job, they will create innovative solutions and knowledge that becomes a valuable resource for our clients.

Our team is committed to providing the best solutions for our partners. We all love what we do and appreciate every opportunity we get to partner with you.

Steve Taylor

CEO/CFO Founder

Nikita Prokopev


Danielle Scheid

Product Manager

Rachel Joye

Human Resource Manager

Shanan Burman

Marketing Manager

Aparna Nandiraju

VP Recruitment

Grace Juhala

Catalog Manager

Shan Duraiswamy

F.P&A Manager

Edy Nolan

Productivity Placement Specialist

Erika Samples

Candidate Success Manager

Raghava Reddy

Senior Catalog Lead

Ray Barretto

Productivity Placement Specialist

Stacy Maderal

Productivity Placement Specialist

Nicole Matz

Productivity Placement Specialist

Lauren Brown

Group Controller

Dave Gillet

UI/UX Manager

Benjamin Bridgeman

Systems Manager

Rudra Santosh

AP - AR Manager

Inder Pani Reddy

IT Manager

Vamshi Sarabu

Lead Generation Manager

Naveen Shokeen

Inside Sales Manager

Paul Karunadeep

Candidate Success Manager

Ayan Kumar Saha

Financial Controller

Grow with .efficiently and make an impact.
With great people, great things can happen.