Mastering the design process

The design process can be different for everyone, and there is no one size fits all. Yet, there are also many consistencies along the roads we take to get to the big ideas — they can be time-consuming and detract from your creative thinking and the feasibility of any project. So, we’ve made it our priority to simplify the way you operate and help regain time to do what you love most.

Find the jewels of your next construction project in our master database of world manufacturers.
Interior finishes, furniture and materials can make or break a project. Without the right resources or tools, designers can feel stuck in spreadsheets, word documents, bookmarked pages, websites, and other difficult-to-use applications trying to find the perfect solution.

Instead, look to Design .efficiently’s Catalog — full of world-class manufacturers of finishes and furniture with up-to-date product information, images, technical specifications, collection requirements, and much more. Browse, select or add items to the Catalog and start to build your finish and furniture schedule. It’s searchable, manageable, and easy.

The best way to manage plans, measurements and counts
A current roadblock in the process is managing various floorplans and counting areas for finishes and materials. In small and agile teams, this step can detract designers from focusing on the selection and design process and instead open the door to rushed solutions or problems later in construction. Using Design .efficiently for plan management helps you create scaled, measurable rooms and spaces from imported floorplans. With drag and drop measuring tools, you can measure spaces, identify item counts and finish areas, and easily create accurate finish item schedules for clients — all in one application.

Present your best ideas in the best way.
Leading or managing a design or construction company often means you need to wear more hats than one. While hybrid roles can bring diversity, excitement, and balance to your day, it can also mean you are working on things someone else might specialize in. So why not focus on what you do best and find ways to simplify everything else? Don’t let your highly considered, quality concepts continue to sit in clunky spreadsheets, Pinterest moodboards or other technical and difficult-to-use applications. We offer easy-to-use tools with drag and drop functionality to present your ideas and selections in beautiful client-ready presentations. Include relevant product information for clients, moodboards, reference images, and other project details to be shared with clients or manufacturers and retail showrooms for easy review and approval.

We know the design process is not a step-by-step formula, but with the right project and design tools, we can help create space around the steps that require important exploration and creativity. Rethink the way you do things, and you might find there is an easier way to operate.